Pamela Wilson "Absolutely wonderfu! It is rare for mystics to let us see their artistry. It is also rare to see into the inner workings of government and business. Here is a thrilling view into the compassionate heart of the mystic, the confused heart of greed, and the inevitable liberation when the two meet!"    Pamela Wilson, teacher of Advaita self-inquiry as taught by Ramana Maharshi, founder of Fellowship of the Heart, and featured in Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom by Rita Marie Robinson.


Hazel Henderson“A brilliant, esoteric novel with deep wisdom and full of purposeful, impeccable research on the state of human affairs on this planet. This book will become a classic as well as providing a socially and spiritually therapeutic vision for our future.”    –Hazel  Henderson, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, world renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, worldwide syndicated columnist, author of nine books including the Axiom and Nautilus award-winning book Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (2006), and founder of Ethical Markets Media, LLC.


Christine Arylo"For any woman who truly wants to understand the meaning of feminine power on the planet today, Unplugging the Patriarchy is a must read. It has the potential to unravel and reveal parts of yourself and this world that have been dormant and unseen for far too long. Lucia is a powerful storyteller and sage, but more than that, she is a real woman on this journey right beside us all."    Christine Arylo, inspirational catalyst and author of Choosing ME Before WE, Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love.

Viki King "Take one small wisdom from Lucia's grand adventure and unplug yourself from the patriarchy. It will change everything. Welcome to the Divine Feminine."    Viki King, best-selling author of How to Write a Movie in Twenty-One Days, The Inner Movie Method, and Beyond Visualization, and gifted Oracle providing wise counsel to world leaders and the entertainment industry.


Marina Spence"I expected transformation. What I didn't expect was page-turning suspense and adventure. I couldn't put it down!"    Marina Spence, author of Make Every Day a Friday! and founder of The Pink Edge.



Maureen Moss"Unplugging The Patriarchy will take you on an adventure to meet your true Divine Goddess Self in ways you would have never imagined!  This is one of the most unique, and inspired books I've read in a decade.  It's compelling, it's powerful, and it's eye-opening (that's an understatement!).   Don't miss this one and then pass it along!"    Maureen Moss, author, Key-Note Speaker, President of The World Puja Network,,


Benedicte Reveron"A real blessing! Unplugging the Patriarchy is a deep dive into the spiritual journey of a real seeker of truth. Through Lucia's journey, I was able to embrace the Patriarchy—not with anger and a desire for revenge but with light and peace inside my heart—and enter a beautiful New World where the level of consciousness cannot stop rising."    –Bénédicte Revéron, Paris, France.

Mary MacNab"Welcome to the adventures of a female mystic, an inner-world agent of collective change. In this page-turning read, meet the mystics, meet yourself, meet the future. In unplugging ourselves from patriarchal energies and all that is polarized against them, we change our frequencies, our assemblage points, and thus our world. Many thanks to Lucia, "Alexandria", and "Celeste" collaboration with whom was a privilege and whose feminine archetypal information changed my life and my vibration."   Mary MacNab aka "Jackie" in Unplugging the Patriarchy, founder of Chalice of Wisdom.

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