How to Unplug

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If we part the mystical veils and look at planet Earth,
what do we see right now?

We’re at the beginning of a new cycle of time. The Patriarchy’s old-paradigm, profit-before-people system is in meltdown.  Humanity’s 5,000-year schooling in power, abuse of power, and masculine/feminine imbalance is at an end.  Mother Divine has handed the reins of power to women and women all over the world are warming to the feel of those reins in their hands. 

So how do we deal with the meltdown of the Patriarchy?

We unplug our energy from it. We recognize that, with the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another, it is proper for the old to die so something new can be born.

How can we facilitate the birth of a new paradigm and a new world?

The Patriarchy has conditioned women to be weak. But our spiritual essence is, and always has been, power—the ability to access power from the depths of silence, to hold power within our bodies, to wield power through the balance of the heart.

At this moment, women are being asked to stand in their power. Not to stand against something, not even to stand for something, but to stand in the energy of the Divine Feminine, an alignment where the polarity of for and against comes to rest. As individuals, none of us can heal the desecration of the Earth or bring peace to the world. That is the job of Spirit. But even one woman standing in this energy and allowing it to direct her life’s work facilitates the job of Spirit in a more efficient and graceful way.

The Patriarchy has conditioned women to compete against each other as a way of keeping us disempowered. It is time for us to throw off our conditioning, reach out to each other, and collaborate. Collectively standing in our power causes the One Heart/One Mind network of energy to vibrate with light.  The more light, the more gracefully the patriarchal power structures come to rest.

At this moment, men have a very different task: to reclaim the energy of the heart, to honor women while they do their sacred work, and to process their response to the crescendo of female power.

What does the future hold?

As of December 2012, when the old patriarchal age ended and a new age began, we—women and men alike—have the opportunity to dream a new world based in the energy of the heart, feminine/masculine balance, unconditional love, and respect. There is no question that this new world will prevail. The only question is: How big can we dream?

Are you ready?

This web site was created to share the experience of one woman who stood in her power, unplugged from the Patriarchy, and rebalanced the masculine/feminine energies within. It is a rallying point for those who wish to dream a new world.


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